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Excel Flat Shutter For Keystone Jack 22.5x45mm - 1 Port

Part Code: 100-294

A range of mounting options are available for the Excel Keystone Tool‐less Jacks that allow them to be installed in a number of situations. This flexibility results in the ability to have the same jacks terminating the cable in the patch panel and at the outlet.

  • 25x45mm Flat shutter
  • Snap fit
  • Compatible with a range of faceplates
  • Labelling field
Utilisation Mounting cover data connector
Material Plastic
Type of surface Flat
Colour White
Ral-number (akin) 9016
Type of fastening Engage (snap)
Width of device 22.5 mm
Height of device 45 mm

Key Features

  • Utilisation: Mounting cover data connector
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type of surface: Flat
  • Colour: White
  • Ral-number (akin): 9016
  • Type of fastening: Engage (snap)

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