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Excel Category 6A Solid Patch Lead U/FTP Shielded LS0H Cca Blade Booted 20m - Blue

Part Code: 170-123

Excel Category 6A Solid Core (F/FTP) Screened Harness/Switch Link Leads are constructed from 170-196 Excel Category 6A F/FTP "S" Foil Screened cable (horizontal cable).

Each of these leads allows the construction of two Switch/Harness Links or Consolidation Point (CP) Cables. The lead is manufactured with a high performance screened RJ-45 plug on each end permitting the lead to be cut into two at the required lengths. Slimline blade strain relief boots are fitted to protect the latch and allow connection to the highest density equipment. Using the same cable as the horizontal elements of the channel assures performance and does not "use up" the stranded patch lead allowance.

These leads are for the creation of Switch/Harness Links and CP cables. They are not for use as a replacement for patch leads.

  • Category 6A compliant
  • Solid core cable
  • For switch/harness links and CP cables
  • LS0H Outer Sheath
  • Euroclass Cca-s1a-d1-a1
Cable type U/FTP
Category 6A (IEC)
Length 20 m
Type of connector connection 1 RJ45 8(8)
Type of connector connection 2 RJ45 8(8)
Outer sheath colour Blue
Strain relief boot Push-on
Lockable no
Strain relief boot colour Blue
Flame retardant version yes
Halogen free yes
Cable construction 1x4
Awg-size 23
Pin assignment 1:1

Key Features

  • Cable type: U/FTP
  • Category: 6A (IEC)
  • Length: 20 m
  • Type of connector connection 1: RJ45 8(8)
  • Type of connector connection 2: RJ45 8(8)
  • Outer sheath colour: Blue

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