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Excel Enbeam Optical Fibre Connector SC Singlemode Blue

Part Code: 200-361

Enbeam SC single piece connectors are designed for quick and easy termination either on-site or in the factory. Suitable for use with both loose tube and tight buffered cable, can be used with epoxy or the cold cure termination systems. The SC range covers Multimode and Singlemode options which includes all colours - Beige, Aqua, Violet, Blue and Green options for all Multimode and Singlemode & APC fibre types. All connectors have precision Zirconia ceramic ferrules which are pre-radiused for rapid polishing/finishing.

Strain relief boots are included, yellow for singlemode and black for multimode. By using the Excel SC Duplex Clips, two SC Simplex Connectors can be joined to form a single SC Duplex Connector.

  • High precision Ceramic Ferrules
  • Pre-radiused ferrules
  • Moulded & Colour-Coded shrouds
  • 900 micron and 3mm boot & crimp included
Model Connector
Suitable for type of fibre Single mode
Type of connector SC
Connection type adhere (glue)
Colour Blue

Key Features

  • Model: Connector
  • Suitable for type of fibre: Single mode
  • Type of connector: SC
  • Connection type: adhere (glue)
  • Colour: Blue

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