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Excel Enbeam OM5 Multimode Internal Fibre Optic Cable Tight Buffered 12 Core 50/125 Cca Lime Green

Part Code: 204-702

Enbeam OM5 multimode tight buffered optical fibre cables have been designed specifically for internal applications. The OM5 multimode optical fibre cable will support 40, 100 and 400 Gigabit Ethernet channel distances of (i) 440 metres for 40 Gigabit, (ii) 350 metres for 100 Gigabit and (iii) 150 metres for 400 Gigabit applications. The cable construction consists of up to 24 colour coded 900μm tight buffered 50/125μm fibres, covered with a flame retardant LS0H outer sheath.

The cable legend includes Euroclass information as standard for clear classification and traceability on CPR.

  • 25 Year system warranty
  • Sequentially metre marked
  • Bend insensitive core construction
  • Internal grade
  • Euroclass Cca-s1a-d0-a1
Number of cores 12
Type of tube Tight
Fibre type Multi mode 50/125
Category OM5
Armouring no
Rodent resistant yes
Outer sheath material Copolymer, thermoplastic (LS0H)
Outer sheath colour Green
Reaction-to-fire class according to en 13501-6 Cca
Smoke development class according to en 13501-6 s1a
Euro class flaming droplets/particles according to en 13501-6 d0
Euro class acidity according to en 13501-6 a1
Halogen free (acc. en 60754-1/2) yes
Flame retardant In accordance with EN 50399
Low smoke (acc. bs en 61034-2) yes
Outer diameter approx. 7 mm
Declaration of Performance
Cca, s1a,d0,a1

Key Features

  • Number of cores: 12
  • Type of tube: Tight
  • Fibre type: Multi mode 50/125
  • Category: OM5
  • Armouring: no
  • Rodent resistant: yes