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Excel Enbeam High Density 12 Port MTP Coupler Cassette Key Up/Key Down Singlemode

Part Code: 208-138

The Excel LC-MTP High-Density 12-Port through-coupler module is designed for the Excel HD 1U panel, which has a capacity for 6 modules, offering up to 864 fibres per 1U (12-way MTP) or 1728 fibres per 1U (24-way MTP).

The MTP Modules can be mixed and matched with other cassettes within the range to offer a highly flexible patching solution. Two versions are available, the Multimode version features Aligned-Key adaptors, whilst the Singlemode version supports angled MTP and offers Key-Up/Key-Down Adaptors.

The Modules can be inserted into the panel from the front and feature 2 physical stops, one installed and one for patching.

The panel also offers full and innovative patch cord management to the front and cable management to the rear.

  • High Density 12-port MTP Coupler Module
  • Houses 12 MTP Couplers
  • Key-Aligned and Key-Up/Key-Down Adaptor options
  • Density up to 864 fibres in 1U when fully loaded
  • Up to 1728 fibres in 1U with 24-fibre MTPs
  • Part of the Excel HD panel system
Suitable for number of fibre cores 144
With coupling/adapter yes
Type of connector external MT/MPO
Type of connector interior MT/MPO
Fibre type Single mode
Colour Grey

Key Features

  • Suitable for number of fibre cores: 144
  • With coupling/adapter: yes
  • Type of connector external: MT/MPO
  • Type of connector interior: MT/MPO
  • Fibre type: Single mode
  • Colour: Grey