Enbeam Fibre Cleaning

Clean connections the first time, every time.

Our fibre product range has continually evolved to embrace new developments in fibre optic technology.

High quality fibre optic installation starts with the connectors. Clean connections provide faster transmission rates, higher bandwidth and maintenance-free operation, ultimately offering a more efficient and more effective fibre solution. We sell the Chemtronics range of specialised fibre cleaning products, to ensure that all Excel fibre installations continue to be of the highest quality, no matter what the contamination is.

This selection of products offers the tools required to quickly clean all types of connectors and ports. Patented technology and proprietary the Combination Cleaning™ process give clean connections the first time, every time, saving engineers on resources, energy and time while on the job.

There are a range of videos available on our Youtube channel, demonstrating the patented Combination Cleaning™ process, as well as how to use specific cleaning tools for different fibre applications.

When installing fibre optics, the tolerance to dirt and contamination is zero, so it is important to choose the right cleaning process. Our easy-to-follow fibre cleaning infographic helps to identify different types of contamination and the most effective cleaning methods.

Our dedicated Fibre Cleaning Guide includes a list of fibre connector types, all of which require a different set of cleaning products for the most effective cleaning solution.

Is your fibre system clean?

For more information about fibre cleaning and Excel’s Enbeam fibre product range, please contact the sales team.

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