Excel Copper Cabling

Compliance and Performance, built in.

Choice of Colours

Choice of Lengths

CPR Compliant

Plastic Free Packaging

Multiple Constructions

Large Stock Holding

High Quality

Independently Verified

Excel offer a wide choice of CPR-compliant copper cabling, available across the range of copper categories in multiple lengths, colours and construction types, providing a complete and flexible copper cabling solution, covered by a comprehensive 25-year warranty.

Our Specialist Support Services include a full range of pre-terminated copper systems, which offer a bespoke configuration that can meet all the requirements of a given specification.

Why Choose Excel Copper Cabling?

Reduced diameter available

Sequential meter numbering

Internal/External grade cabling

CPR compliant as standard

We Are Plastic Free

Our plastic free copper packaging, which is forecast to remove 16 million bags from the supply chain each year, covers all copper components including keystone jacks, patch panels, patch leads, modules, outlets and more.

Specialist Support Services

Excel offer a pre-terminated copper solution, where the team can terminate keystone jacks to copper cable and deliver them ready-to-go to the installation site, saving you time and money on your project.