Excel Data Centre Solutions

The Excel solution is extensive and provides options to suit a wide range of technical or budget requirements, deployed by our accredited, trained and experience integration partners. Our pre-sales support is second to none and includes a proof of concept, product samples, bespoke product design, on-site training and audit services. The Excel solution is perfectly suited to provide the infrastructure building blocks for any data centre requirement. Our systems are completely scalable and when installed by an accredited Excel partner, come with a comprehensive 25-year warranty.

A typical data centre installation has extensive requirements for seamless high-density design, high speed connectivity and infrastructure security. Excel offers a vast range of products that have been designed specifically with data centre spaces in mind, with choices across the copper, fibre, racks, power and containment product lines. 

What’s more we have a focus on sustainability and circularity to help reduce the DC power consumption.  Each of the Excel products has a CIBSE TM65 certificate to show the embodied carbon for that product and we also have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for the core products in the range, which are ratified by a third-party provider, bre.

We understand the requirements of a data centre; our growing number of DC clients have chosen Excel products and systems to run their operations. The Excel solution provides cable to rack systems to suit Data Centre, Hosting and Co-Location requirements of all types and sizes. With Excel at the core of their infrastructure and pre and post sales support from our team of experts, these clients are confident in system design, performance and reliability.

  • Category 8
  • Category 7A
  • Category 6A
  • Category 6
  • Category 5e
  • OS1, OS2
  • OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5
  • ST, SC, LC, FC, SC/APC Connectivity
  • Copper and Enbeam Fibre
    pre-terminated systems
  • Pre-terminated, high-density designs
  • OM3, OM4, OM5
  • OS1, OS2
  • Communications (CR)
  • Equipment (ER)
  • Server (SR)
  • Co-Location (CL)
  • Open Frame (OR)
  • Data Centre Rack (DCR)
  • Intelligent
  • Standard
  • Modular
  • Desktop

Data Centres Powered by Excel provide:

High Density Design

A plethora of high-density products that have been specifically designed for data centre environments make Excel Networking an ideal solution.

  • Angled keystone jack panels, V-shaped panels and 0.5U panels across the copper and fibre range reduce strain on cables and maximise system longevity.
  • The Excel ExpressNet Solution allows for copper and fibre to be installed within the same 1U of rack space, helping to make the most of the available space and increasing design flexibility.
  • A 14% smaller diameter on Excel Category 6A cable makes the best use of space within a rack.
  • The Excel Category 6 and 6A Mini 28AWG Patch Leads come with a unique plug which is shorter in length improving the accessibility and making it much easier for engineers to handle.  They also come with a reduced-sized 3.8mm outer diameter making them ideal for data centre and high-density environments.
  • Excel Pre-Terminated Mini-Breakout and Breakout cables are perfect for DC deployment due to the miniature OD or ruggedised outer sheath design.

Performance and Speed

Our Specialist Support Services offer a range of Enbeam MTP/MPO Solutions, designed to support 40G and 100G next generation Ethernet applications, ideal for the Data Centre environment.

With Data Centre environments increasing in size, intra-DC distances are also increasing and this can create a challenge especially as data rates grow. Excel’s Singlemode fibre solutions allow Data Centres to futureproof their installations in response to this increase in speed requirements.

Measuring, Monitoring and Management

Data centres can only become efficent if they know what is happening within each rack in real-time. A large choice of Intelligent Power Distribution Units (iPDUs) offer a range of humidity and temperature monitoring features as well as individual socket management and switching capabilities. With our Intelligent PDU range, you have total flexibilty to build a solution that fits your individual requirement, with free software capable of managing up to 1600 PDUs through 50 IP addresses. With no limit to the link distance between the PDUs, your aisle configuration and deployment can be very simple.

Strength and Security

Environ from Excel has been designed to provide strength, security, cable and air flow management and ease of installation.

  • The Environ Server Rack – SR Series – safely and easily accommodates the most demanding of server and equipment technology. Strong and heavy-duty by design, the SR series is able to withstand large loads of equipment, making it ideal for a data centre environment.
  • The Environ Co-Location Rack – CL Series – provides individual rack compartments with unique keys for doors and side panels as well as protected cable management at compartment level. Safe and secure by design, the CL series is suitable for applications in a shared facility where enhanced security is paramount.
  • The Environ Open Rack – OR Series – feature a compact footprint providing easy access and high-density, lockable cable management. Flexible and adaptable by design, the OR series is ideal for high-density patching applications where strong, secure cable management is critical.
  • The Environ Data Centre Rack - DCR Series - ideal for data centre applications where delivering flexibility and quality alongside enhanced airflow capabilities and improved ventilation is key.

Excel Encyclopaedia

Further information about Excel’s Key Markets can be found online in the Excel Encyclopaedia. The Excel Encyclopaedia is a comprehensive document that aims to educate installers, designers and consultants about structured cabling as well as providing details about the complete Excel range. It also includes useful documents such as tender responses, white papers and much more.

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