Excel Pre-Configured Racks

and On-Site Assembly Services

Our pre-configured racks and on-site assembly services cover the complete range of Excel Environ floor and wall racks.

As part of this specialised service, we can install the majority of kit that you need and deliver it ready configured to site, or indeed configure it in-situ. This service helps you to reduce installation costs and times, equipment, packaging and specialist labour costs and is covered by the 25-year Excel system warranty when installed by an accredited partner.

Our team operate with a fast turnaround, typically two working days.


We pre-install items, exactly where required including:

  • PDUs - horizontal & vertical
  • Fan trays + Patchcord/cable management
  • Shelves - all types Cable tray/basket
  • Pre-loomed cabling - patchcords, power etc.
  • Environ Electronic Lock Solutions
  • Special locks - unique keys, combination locks, RFID locks
  • Pre-approved layout drawing/specification
  • Pre-labelled

Pre-Configured Racks

Our team of experienced cabinet builders will build the Environ rack(s) to the pre-determined specification, inclusive of shelving, fan trays, PDUs, Environ locks and any cable management. The rack(s) will be configured in our dedicated Environ warehouse facility in Birmingham by a team of experts. They will then be delivered to site through a courier service, ready for you to position in the appropriate location.

On-Site Rack Assembly

The Environ racks (flat packed), together with any additional accessories that you’ve ordered, including shelves, cable management, PDUs etc. would be delivered to site by our normal delivery service the day before the planned installation. Our experienced team of cabinet builders will visit the location, position the rack(s) and build them to the agreed specification.

Why Choose Excel's Pre-Configured Racks and On-Site Assembly Services?

Reduce Installation Cost

Reduce Installation Time

Minimise Waste

Fast Turnaround

Excel Encyclopaedia

Further information about Excel’s Specialist Support Services can be found online in the Excel Encyclopaedia. The Excel Encyclopaedia is a comprehensive document that aims to educate installers, designers and consultants about structured cabling as well as providing details about the complete Excel range. It also includes useful documents such as tender responses, white papers and much more.