Environ Residential Enclosures

Discreet and Multi-Functional, by design.

Ergonomic Design

Range of Sizes

Suitable for Copper and/or Fibre Installations


25-Year Warranty

The Environ range of Residential Enclosures have been designed to be a multifunctional set of products, which can form part of a network in multiple locations or where space is limited, and installation access is restricted. With the ability to change the internal structures to fit most applications within a passive optical network and edge of network cabling designs, these enclosures can be adapted to house fibre, copper and/or AV equipment and are suitable for risers, equipment rooms and remote locations.

When installed by and Excel partner as part of a total Excel installation, they are covered by the 25-year warranty.

Why Choose Excel Residential Enclosures?

DIN rail mounting bars available

Choice of configurations

Integrated cable tie-off points

Brush strip entry points

Excel Encyclopaedia

Further information about Excel’s Environ Racks can be found online in the Excel Encyclopaedia. The Excel Encyclopaedia is a comprehensive document that aims to educate installers, designers and consultants about structured cabling as well as providing details about the complete Excel range. It also includes useful documents such as tender responses, white papers and much more.

See for yourself

Our Environ Racks are available to view, fully equipped and installed, in our Demonstration Facilities in Birmingham, London and Dubai.