Excel Launches Soundproof Acoustic Racks to Environ Range

Published on: 04/10/23
By Rebecca Bishop

Excel Networking Solutions, the infrastructure provider that offers: Copper and Optical Fibre, Pre-Terminated Solutions, FTTx, Racks, PDUs, Voice and a full range of accessories, has launched a new range of soundproof Acoustic Racks into their existing portfolio of Environ Racks and Open Frames.

The Acoustic Rack from Excel is a completely new design and is manufactured as a fully built unit from the factory with a furniture-style finish in oak wood and dark grey metal. The racks are available in 18U, 24U and 42U, with a width of 750mm and a depth of 1040mm, and will be covered by a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

Introducing the Acoustic Racks, Simon Jacobs – Excel Product Manager for Copper and Racks – commented, “We’re really excited to introduce these Acoustic Racks to the Environ range. They are a completely different concept to the existing portfolio of racks and open frames, expanding the flexibility and versatility of the Environ range even more.”

Simon continued, “We see these Acoustic Racks being an ideal solution for an office environment. The unique oak wood and metal chassis make these racks a stylish choice for office-based installations, and the soundproofing materials on the interior of the chassis mean that the occupants of the office space wouldn’t be perturbed by any noise of active equipment within the cabling infrastructure.”

The Environ Acoustic Racks are fitted with sound deadening material on all internal surfaces, which reduces noise levels to 49db. For context, an average household refrigerator has noise levels of 55db.

The racks boast a plethora of additional characteristics that make them unique from the rest of the Environ range. Fitted with cooling fans on the interior that are temperature controlled via a wire thermostat, the rack can be kept at a constant optimum temperature to ensure the infrastructure continues to function as intended. The double skin floor has four sets of cable entry points with brushes on each skin to optimize airflow management and allows cables to enter the rack from the rear to ensure there are no cables visible going into the rack, which adds to the stylish charm of this range. What’s more, each side is fitted with a secure top to bottom side panel with a single lock, which provides access to rear cable management for completing PDU or cable installation, as well as enabling easy maintenance.

Simon concluded, “We have numerous new products being added to the Excel range on a regular basis. You can see the latest additions and updates to the range online.”

The new Acoustic Racks will be available from October 2023. To find out more about the latest additions to the Excel portfolio, visit the dedicated page on the Excel website or browse the online product catalogue. Alternatively, the Excel sales team will be more than happy to assist with any enquiries: 0121 326 7557 or email sales@mayflex.com.