Excel Online CPD Programme

Our CIBSE-approved online CPD webinars are hosted by our team of product and industry experts. The sessions are approximately one-hour in length, and run via Zoom so you can join in with the conversation from wherever you are.  Below you will find a brief synopsis for each webinar. To register to attend, simply click on the 'Register Now' button for the course you wish to participate in. You will be redirected to a registration form on Zoom, where you can complete your details to submit your registration.  We look forward to seeing you there.

IP CCTV - An Introduction to Design Philosophies

A session based around how to design an integrated IP CCTV Solution across multiple building types, including camera selection, location planning and storage capability.


The Impact of BS6701, CPR and Power over Ethernet.

A look into the Evolution of the modern building through standards, the effects of smart devices and how the way they are powered changed the way we design infrastructure to support them. 


An Introduction to advanced AI in Video Analytics

A high level overview of Access Control, Video Analytics, (Appearance Search, UMD, UAD, Facial Recognition) and a future analytical roadmap perspective, leading into the motorola Eco system of Critical comms, including body-worn applications. 


19th May - 1.00pm - Residential systems - An Introduction to FTTx

The Implementation of a modern Fibre Optic Design Philosophy to deliver multiple services throughout a Residential Development, converging Internet (ISP), TV/Satellite, IP CCTV/ Access Control and Building Management System (BMS) across a single platform.


26th May - 1.00pm - Why cabling is still vital to any intelligent building and MSI requirements

No matter how hard we try, cabling will be around for some time to come. As a Master Systems Integrator (MSI) knowing where things are is vital to the Smart Building project delivery. This CPD will talk about why this is important for all buildings moving forward and the part that cabling has to play in making any Smart delivery a success.


9th June  - 1.00pm - Smart Buildings and the impact on Infrastructure Design

A session on the explosion of IoT and Smart Building Technologies and the role that Structured Cabling will play in the delivery of Smart Services in modern buildings.


16th June  - 1.00pm - Thermal Surveillance Technology

A introduction into thermal surveillance technology, how it works, how it can be used and provide information to design or specify a thermal surveillance-based solution either security or fire prevention purposes. 


23rd June - 1.00pm - An Introduction to Fibre Optic Technology and Applications

An introduction to Fibre Optic Technology. current standards including differences between Multimode and Singlemode, design philosophies and future applications.


Date TBC - Smart Access Control for Modern Buildings

Suprema is well equipped to meet the contactless needs of businesses and organizations around the world. This webinar will look at the importance of delivering complete end-to-end contactless access control solutions that encompasses face recognition and mobile access.


7th July - 1.00pm - Structured Cabling Standards and the Impact on Modern Infrastructure Design

An overview of current structured cabling standards and applications in the UK and European Market covering ISO, CENELEC and the recent BS6701 A1: 2017 adoption of the Construction Product Regulations detailing what to specify, where and to which safety standards.