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Enbeam 12-Way External 5/3.5mm Blowing Tube - Black

Part Code: 208-803

Enbeam External blowing tubes have been designed to allow blown fibre to be distributed externally and within ducts. The external grade tubes are over-sheathed with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) foil. The tubes have a low friction inner coating to reduce drag & maximise blowing distances. The compact tubes can accommodate Excel fibre units containing from 2 to 12 fibres and are colour-coded for identification.

The tubes are easy to terminate and branch-off using suitable Excel connection closures and push-fit connectors. The tubes are supplied on disposable wooden drums and capped at both ends to prevent ingress of moisture or contamination.

  • Duct-installable
  • HDPE Sheath
  • Available up to 24x5mm bundles
  • Crush and Impact Resistant
  • RoHS compliant
  • 25 Year system warranty
Tube diameter 5mm/3.5mm (outer/inner)
Number of pipes 12
Suitable for Outdoor
Outer sheath colour Black

Key Features

  • Tube diameter: 5mm/3.5mm (outer/inner)
  • Number of pipes: 12
  • Suitable for: Outdoor
  • Outer sheath colour: Black

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