Excel Enbeam MTP

High Density Solutions

Loaded and Unloaded Options

40G to 100G Ready

Data Centre Centric

25-Year Warranty

The Excel Enbeam MTP solution is ideal for bandwidth intensive applications and uses the US Conec MTP Elite connectors to provide superior performance with low loss properties. Our extensive range of panels come in different unloaded formats which allow you to build the configuration to your exact requirements.

Our range of Excelerator MTP Elite Fibre optic trunk and fan out cables offer pre-terminated optical fibre that are factory tested in a range of core counts.

All Excel fibre products are covered by a comprehensive 25-year warranty when installed by an Excel Partner.

Why Choose Excel Enbeam MTP?

US Conec Elite MTP connectors as standard

Best lead times in the market

Fully reconfigurable in the field

Bend insensitive fibre as standard

Environmentally conscious with 
100% plastic free packaging

Extensive range of products

Browse our extensive range:

MTP US Conec Elite MTP Connectors as standard

Choice of cassettes in OM3, OM4 and OS2 configurations

Trunk cables

1U, 2U and 4 U modular panels

Specialist Support Services

Excel offer a pre-terminated fibre solution, where the team can terminate your fibre requirements to your exact specification, fully test and deliver it to the installation site, saving you a considerable amount of time and money on your project.

We are Plastic Free

Our plastic free fibre packaging, which is forecast to remove 16 million bags from the supply chain each year, covers all fibre components including patch panels, patch leads, modules, outlets and more.