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Excel Enbeam Blown Fibre Tube Stop End 5mm

Part Code: 208-821

The Enbeam Push-Fit micro duct stop ends are designed for use with the Enbeam blown fibre micro duct system and used to block the ends of unused ducts to prevent water and dust ingress. All push fit connectors are made from a clear transparent body, this gives the ability to visually inspect that tubes are installed correctly.

Pre-installed locking clips are included on each stop end to ensure tube is locked into position ensuring a good connection is retained during the blowing process. Each stop end can withstand up to 1 Joule of impact pressure and be reused if required. It is advisable to keep the connectors away from direct sunlight.

  • Stop end
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Locking clip included
  • 25-year Warranty
Tube diameter 5 mm

Key Features

  • Tube diameter: 5 mm

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